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Assessing the Commercial Potential of a Technology Portfolio

The Quicklook Commercial Potential market study is used to determine if the technologies recommended for a patent have enough commercial potential to warrant spending the tens of thousands of dollars required to obtain a patent. The Quicklook studies are standard, repeatable studies that take approximately 40 hours to complete. They give timely assessments of the technology to the JSC patent attorneys and enables them to make a decision with market feedback.

The Quicklook methodology was developed by the Mid-Continent Technology Transfer Center (MCTTC) and has gained wide recognition and adoption in many technology transfer circles. The steps are relatively simple and able to be carried out by trained graduate students at low cost. The primary steps include:

Step 1 - Identify potential markets
Step 2 - Identify end users and potential licensees
Step 3 - Contact experts and companies
Step 4 - Write the report and fill holes if necessary

This methodology has been:

The widely recognized usefulness and practical nature of the methodology make it an excellent training course for companies that need a jump start on market research.